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FAQ -- AimOne Screen Recorder

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1. Q: What's the difference between the registered and demo version?
A: The Demo Version will writes the watermark on the output Frames, and limit 30 days trial.

2. Q: I get the message "Can't load wmv engine!", why?
A: If you want to record to wmv format, Please download and install Windows Media Format runtime Library:


3. Q: I have selected recorded audio, Why my recorded file is silent?
A: Please make sure the "Audio Source" setting combo box matches your physical connection to the sound card. If the audio cable is plugged into the Microphone port, the "Audio Source" combo box should be set to "Microphone". If the audio cable is plugged into the Line-in port, the "Audio Source " combo box should be set to "Line-In".

4. Q: Why I only got a black window when I captured the video window of  Windows Media Player (QuickTime Player, Real Player)?

A: All the video player, based on DirectX, draw the graphics directly to the hardware without though the windows layer, It makes all screen capture applications can not get the video image, not just our screen recorder.

To capture the image of a video player, go to Windows Control Panel, open the "Display" control panel, go to the "Settings" tab and click on "Advanced...", you will be given the property pages of the graphics card. Select "Troubleshoot" tab, and move the "Hardware Acceleration" slider to "None".
After finished record, remember to set "Hardware Acceleration" slider back to "Full".

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