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DVD Converter

Are you looking for a better solution to convert DVD files to other audio formats? Wanna share your DVD movie in whatever formats on your portable devices like computer, iPhone/iPod/iPad, tablet PC and Mobiles? The powerful Aimone Audio Converter won’t let you down.


Aimone Audio Converter is a simple tool on Windows, which helps you to rip and convert your DVD video to another format. Besides, it does not require any technical experience and is very easy to operate.


Please free download and install trial version of the DVD Converter on your Windows. The trial version has an 8-second conversion length limitation on the output file.

Firstly, press  to select DVD source files, or use  to remove source files you do not want to convert.

to select AVI source files.



Secondly, define output audio format and some other profile parameters including quality, channels, codec, bitrate, sample rate and so on.


Thirdly, select a folder to save your output audio files with “Browser” Button and open the output folder with the “Explore” Button.


Fourthly, write down the Metadata information based on the output audio format, such as title, timestamp, author, copyright, comment, album, track and year can be edited as you like.


Finally, press  to start the conversion.

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